Museum Mannequins

Flexible Mannequins of Angelina Mannequins-Shopfitting Co. are designed and produced exclusively in Greece taking into consideration technical excellence and usability which is ensured via movement flexibility.
For more than 20 years, this unique product, is used by Museums, Collectors, Theaters, Art Exhibitions and Shopping Malls offering exceptional possibilities of visualization.
Their innovation is found in their flexibility and the limitless creation opportunities they provide to the user. They can be instantly adjusted to every possible pose, exceeding even the abilities of the human body without being damaged, while their restoration to a previous or new posture is extremely easy.
Our Flexible Mannequins are the only flexible mannequins produced in Europe, while the last 10 years they have been chosen by historical European Museums confirming the timelessness of the product as much in practical as in aesthetical criteria.
They are manufactured by premium quality soft polyurethane, with flexible metallic frame and cotton fabric cover which ensures the protection of the fragile exhibited costumes.
The product range includes Male, Female, Teenage and Children mannequins covering every possible need even for authentic costumes of past centuries.
Angelina Mannequins-Shopfiting Co. provides the option of customizing the appearance of the mannequins using sculpturing techniques.
Visit the Museum Mannequins' Gallery to see indicative photos of the products.